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Can Glaucoma Be Healed? How I Lowered My Eye Pressure Naturally

Once you have gotten glaucoma your goose is cooked. You only hope is to take pharmaceutical chemical for the rest of your life. At least that what modern miracle medical science told us. That is at best pseudoscience and at worst a lie. At least from my experience which i choose to share with you in this video 😊♥️🙏

Glaucoma is a serious and frustration eye issue among a lot of people and it affects both old and young. The frustrating thing about it is that we are told by medical science that it can only be treated and not be healed. A built up of pressure in the eyes destroy the eye nerves. Modern medical science says that once the eye nerves are gone then they are gone for ever. Is this really true? My experience with glaucoma has been quite different to the mainstream scientific view and I am sure that my "exception" actually determines the rule. Can glaucoma be effectively treated naturally or even be healed? Watch to see how I have treated and lower my eye pressure without any pharmaceuticals 😊♥️🙏

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