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The Wildfires In California Are The Work Of Arsonists

The powerful propaganda machinery of the American empire is now waging an infowar against anyone who publishes anything on the internet suggesting that the wildfires in California are the work of arsonists.

"We are removing false claims that certain groups started the wildfires in Oregon. This is based on confirmation from law enforcement that these rumors are forcing local fire and police agencies to divert resources from fighting the fires and protecting the public," said Andy Stone, policy communications manager at Facebook.

And whenever the tech tyrants of Silicon Valley try to sensor ANYTHING on social media, take it as proof that what they're censoring is the truth. Because truth is treason in the empire of lies.

Also, after corporate media mandate what opinions citizens are allowed to have about the wildfires, authorities can come out of their dins to push the climate change agenda by blaming it for the fires.

The extreme majority of bushfires are caused by humans either deliberately or accidentally and have nothing to do with climate change. But this hasn't prevented it from being the dominant narrative by corporate media, politicians, and celebrities who continue to deceptively blame global warming for the disaster.

It's very STUPID to assume that trees self-combust due to extreme heat when in fact trees thrive in extremely hot weather and in the strongest direct sun they can get which is why Earth's rainforests are located around the equator where it's hottest and the sun is strongest.

Just look at the world's map and you'll see that Earth is greenest around the equator. Trees absorb the sun's heat and turn it into humidity and rain. Trees also consume carbon while cooling down the surrounding temperatures.

Remember, measuring the temperature in the shade is not the same as in the open. Trees create shade and thus cool the land. Therefore, by chopping down trees in mass or deliberately burning them, Earth's temperature rises considerably. The criminal cabal of international bankers know this, which is why they've been busy ordering the chopping down of trees and arsons around the globe to accelerate global warming and the melting of the Arctic for cargo ships to pass across this new trade route through the Bering Strait.

Reinforcing the hoax of climate change in the minds of the masses will also help extremists like Bill Gates to block out the sun. I know it's unbelievable, but it's true. This billionaire madman wants to block out the sun under the guise of defeating climate change.

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