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Paul Joseph Watson Claims That God Cannot Solve Debt Problems

Apologist Justin Derby responds to Paul Joseph Watson's recent tweet where he claimed that God cannot solve gigantic student loan debt by looking at what the Bible has to say about debt.

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By VonHelton

Sorry, but the Christian god didn't remove my student loan debt. The pagan gods have promised they would erase it, so we'll see what happens. 👍

By Bucks2Bits

My problem is not with debt, but meeting real friends who are real Christians... no more narcissists please. I need real fellowship and friendship, not abusers and users

By Bucks2Bits

Please keep making videos with scriptural backing. I am having trouble opening the word of God right now myself, struggling with my faith. But watching other Christians who have made it through the storm, or are finding joy and peace in Him... it inspires me and helps me know I can make it too. Thank you.

By Bucks2Bits

BitTube and crypto in general... God can use to solve these debt problems.