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16 months after the April 15th, 2019 rescue. He has grown up to be a Hell Raiser.! A super hyper KrazzyKit..! But also one of the most affectionate cats we have ever known. MIracle Kitten is now named "Lil' Guy"

Another Rescue Story.... 'True Story"

"This is Who We are..... This is what We do...."

April 15th, 2019


Our latest rescue.....

Rollin up Route 16 N. East of Jackson MS. Me and the co-pilot kits had just made a delivery, We were making our way up to Tupolo MS. to pick up another load.Β Out of the corner of my eye, About 20 miles out, I saw a Tiny Kitten in the middle of the other lane as we passed by. It was still alive! But for HOW LONG.....?

I almost locked down the brakes. But realized the traffic would go around me and kill the kitten. It was in the middle of the lane so I frantically started looking for a wide spot to stop. My Emotional reaction surprised and embarrassed Me a little, Kittens are this KrazzyTrukkers Cryptonite.!! I cried out in pain as my heart broke for this 3 week old kitten. SURELY HE WOULD BE DEAD B4 I COULD GET BACK....!!!

Now Miracles come in all shapes and sizes......

MiracleΒ #1

The Wide Spot" A wide spot, big enough to turn an 18 wheeler around, to do a rather fast u turn is very rare. A mile down the road past the kitten, In the middle of Bum Fuk Mississippi...!!

MiracleΒ #2...:

"How Many Cars?" How many went right over top of him...?? And did not Squish Him.... When I got back to the kitten. I saw several vehicles nearly hit the "Lil' Guy". Who knows how long He was there.

MiracleΒ #3

"Still Alive" He was still alive, But too young and weak to walk or move much, when i got back to block the road and rescue him.

He had a wound on his forehead where the undercarriage of a car had struck him, also a small amount of blood around his mouth. This "Lil Guy" was about 2-3 weeks old when we rescued him, Way to early in his life to be away from his Momma Kitty. It would be "A Miracle" if He was gonna make it, And He was pretty "Out of It" for the first 4-5 hrs or so. I stopped at a Wal-Mart for some kitten milk and a small bottle. Once I got some kitten milk in Him, He seemed to bounce back, And a long nap gave him his strength back. What a tough Lil' Guy He has turned out to be.

Updated 8-16-2020

He is one of my Fave Rescues. He almost died on us back in June 2020. He ate a shoe lace. Had blockage. 106Β° / 42Β° C temp. $1800.00 (usd) and 3 days at the vets. He passed the string. He is a survivor. A tough guy kitty with no quit in him. MIracle Kitten is now named "Lil' Guy""

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