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It's Time To Recognize Your True Enemy

If the leader didn't come to them, the order-following sheeple would create him. They'll carve his figurine in stone and bow down to worship him and follow him.

They'll let a dumb, deaf, and blind piece of stone be their leader. It's always been this way since these order-following sheeple first walked the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Why else you think we continue to have armies of brainwashed slaves who are convinced that God and righteousness are on their side? Why else you think we continue to have wars? Why else you think people continue to suffer under governments and their gangs?

I've said countless times, and I'll say it again and again for as long as I breathe. It's the order-following sheeple behind humanity's enslavement, not the leaders.

It's always been the order-following sheeple behind your misery.

Know your true enemy. It's not the politicians or the Zionist banks that puppeteer them. It's the order-following sheeple.

All this nightmare the world is currently living under is only possible thanks to the order-following sheeple because their consent and conformity have enabled Nazism, Communism, Zionism, and every war and nightmare in the history of humanity.

It's always been the order-following sheeple behind our misery.

Don't blame too much the politicians and the bankers who puppeteer them. It's the order-following sheeple that you should be blaming and hating, not their leaders.

It's the brainless order-following sheeple who are fighting you online when you're posting the truth. It's the order-following sheeple who are reporting your posts and your online accounts so the social media tyrants can ban you permanently from speaking out. It's the order-following sheeple who are shouting at you in the supermarket for not wearing a face diaper. It's brainwashed order-following idiots on the streets who are telling you to keep 6 feet away from them. It's the order-following sheeple who fight you when you expose the truth. It's the order-following sheeple who will come after you to kidnap you ("arrest you" in doublespeak) and force you into a rape cage (prison) when you refuse to wear a face diaper or when you leave your home to breathe fresh air and get some sunshine.

It's the obedient order-following sheeple who continue to vote for the same scumbag politicians every four years to make sure you live in oppression and misery for the rest of your life.

It's the sheeple who are doing all that. It's the sheeple who are making your life a nightmare. It's always been the sheeple behind your misery.

These brainwashed order-following idiots are the enablers of the New World Order. It's them you should be fighting, not the very few fat men and women at the top of the masonic pyramid who never get their hands dirty.

There wouldn't be a World War 1 or 2 if there weren't brainwashed sheeple in uniform fighting in these wars. There wouldn't be any war AT ALL if not for the brainless order-following idiots in uniform.

It's the little hands at the bottom of the chain of command which enable all this nightmare. It's the idiots in uniform who pull the trigger. It's the brainwashed pigs who push a button and drop bombs on the homes of the impoverished brown and black people in the Middle East and Africa.

Without the puppets, the puppeteers have no game to play.

I blame them. I blame all the dumb-ass motherfu*kers who wear a face diaper as they walk around in public. I blame the brainwashed idiots who obey without question. Their ignorance is no excuse. Their stupidity is no excuse. Their shamelessness is no excuse. Their fear is no excuse. Their circumstances are no excuse.

Thanks to the brainless shameless sheeple, the agenda behind the COVID19 scamdemic is coming to fruition, and the whole world is becoming tyrannical.

Our real fight is with the order-following sheeple, not their leaders or the banking class that puppeteers all these leaders.

The genuine enemy of humanity is the order-

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