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How to repair switch mode power supply SMPS VERY EASY practical troubleshooting

How to repair switch mode power supply SMPS VERY EASY practical troubleshooting

To watch in Urdu / Hindi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPCRXiFLffs

i explained practical How to repair switch mode power supply SMPS. when it have fluctuation in output. i shared my easiest and perfect troubleshooting techniques practical troubleshooting. ICE2B265 smps concept and troubleshooting repairing or understanding repair switching mode power supply basics and working principle. also i discussed smps basics. after watching this video you can capable to:-

how to #repair #smps # fluctuation

fuse keeps blowing

how to repair switch mode power supply when short circuit at input

if SMPS is dead or no output

if SMPS have fluctuating output or output voltage unregulated

if smps have short circuit in output

how to eliminate short circuit

how to troubleshoot #PWM #SMPS #controller when there is no switching from #MOSFET

if SMPS have a whistle sound or excessive noise or excessive heat

how to repair mobile charger

how to repair computer power supply

how to repair laptop charger

how to repair inverter of solar system

how to repair #UPS #uninterruptible power supply

SMPS practical tutorial https://youtu.be/7je0v8AiBB4

SMPS tutorial and practical troubleshooting and fault finding https://youtu.be/E_dQcKAqm38

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCamuZ8n1PwdZpzxV32b1l_w


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