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Ireland The Slaves Time Forgot


Welcome to the Truman show where we try to teach fellow humans about the real world in which we live, in the hope together we can crack the code as to what we are and where we came from.

Following on from Tartaria & the Mud Flood Part 5 the last episode, today I would like to rewind a little to 1625 to show people the type of people we have as controllers, these elite have caused so many genocides and nobody blinks, I just wanted to show people the minds of men at this time to reinforce the mass genocide of particularly native religions. 

Work Houses were used as ways to entice people inside for warmth, bed and food in exchange for hard labor, but really it was re education for the new world they would be living in.

They say nobody was forced but the other choice was you stayed on the street and died, so did you have a choice?

These people would be trained to work in a mill no matter the age with the same style education we get today, millions would be sold around the world like cattle re-populating the world with a generation of people taught a manufactured world.

Abuse was widespread and many people died and were abused around the world, do we really know who our ancestors are?

When does our timeline really begin?  

Lots more to come in future videos.

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