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@Think Big Life Coach Center

One Disadvantage of Globalization

In a globalized environment it is very difficult for the government of any one country to effectively govern. Every country is affected by external situations that is outside of their control. The pandemic has taught us the need for self-governance to maintain our health and well-being. It is no longer what the government can do for you. You must focus on what you can do for yourself. Today more than ever there is the need of self-governance.

Short Inspirational Quotes by Victoria Elizabethaan

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By thinkoutsidetheglobe

So very true! Everything (and i mean EVERYTHING) turns out to be a LIE!

Our education, our food and water, our mental health and the reality we live in!

Governments are brainwashing us to BELIEVE what ever they need us to BELIEVE in!

Teachers, teach us (preach is the true term) things WE and THEY NEVER use in real life.

They prepare us to be obedient slaves and nothing more!

Teaching us WHAT to THINK and not HOW to THINK!

The biggest lie of all is where do we live!

Thank you!