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Material Proofs and Aetherial Enigmas

WHAT we NEVER taught in SCHOOLS.

The brainwashing institutes of our known WORLD

00:00 - Flat water level examples, photos presentation.

13:35 - Plasma Moon.

(*Moon is focused electromagnetic plasma phenomeno and happens in ionosphere.

What we see on the moon is the flat earth anaglyph.

*Transparents (black or blue, depents from time and the color of the sky)

present LAND and Whites present WATER.

*Electromagnetic energy comes from bellow flat earth, every day with different angle.

Water is the electrolyte in this close battery system.

This electromagnetic field goes up and hits the inner side of the dome.

Then the dome reflects this magnetic field vertically in every place of it,

and sent it back down.

This magnetic field that comes back down is focusing in Ionosphere in different altitude ,

that depends from the angle of the source bellow.

*When the angle (water level – Magnetic field from bellow) is close to 90 rad ,

the inner reflection happens at highest part of the dome,

so the reflection happens in bigger altitude in ionosphere.

The fluorescence happens in smaller altitude in Ionosphere,

when the angle (water level – Magnetic field from bellow) is smaller or bigger.

That explains the moons phases.)

17:05 = Sun - Daylight - Moon

(*Sun from Helio / Daylight from Neon and Argon / Moon from Krypto

*Electromanetic field comes from bellow with different angle every day

*Moon phases due to different altitude of the focused plasma that created

*Omosphere and Eterosphere


*Eterosphere - Ionosphere

*Sun from Helio (He) - Pilot source of daylight

*Daylight from Neon (Ne) and Argo (Ar)

*Moon from Krypto (Kr)

*Flatworld Latitude on Plasma Moon image - Flat Earth Map

*Perspective plasma moon distortion)

25:11 = Water Above

31:22 = Real Stars

35:37 = World Map by Plasma Moon - Continents and Oceans

39:00 = Air Trafic

41:02 = Plasma Moon Map of Flat Earth with Countries

46:07 = Atlantis and Lemurya Found

48:47 = Plasma moon Map presentation

52:09 = Mooving Magnetic North and Cosmic Seazons

56:16 = Saturn Rings show the Dome - Layers of shown world

(*Aether is the house of Gods and Saturn (Kronos) is the last cirlce mooving star in the shown world layers.) Just like the moon, (that is the gate from the material world to Aetherial) that show us the middle world (the unmoovable plane place we live on), mirrored , the Mooving Aetherial Star Saturn show the Aetherial shown world with the dome layers that includes.

Up from Kronos there are the unmoovable Aetherial Stars, stucked on the moovable Hyper Dome, the Sea of the Etherial single Unmovable Stars.

Atlantian's God was Saturn (Kronos) and their ring shape instructions were made to be similar with the gardens of the Gods in the Aetherial level.)

original video from STERGIOS STUDIO 10


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