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Introduction to RTOS Part 4 - Memory Management | Digi-Key Electronics


Memory management is important in a multi-threaded environment, as threads (or tasks) can quickly consume all of the allocated memory, causing bizarre effects such as overwritten memory locations or random processor resets.

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In this video, we look at various ways to allocate memory to a task and how to monitor memory usage in FreeRTOS.

Most C programs rely on 3 different types of memory. Static memory is set aside prior to program execution and used for things like static variables, constants, and global variables. Stack is allowed to grow dynamically and consists of local variables declared at the function level. Finally, heap may also grow dynamically and must be specifically allocated and deallocated by the programmer (e.g. using the malloc() and free() functions, respectively).

Whenever we create a new task in FreeRTOS, we must assign it a set amount of stack memory to use out of the global, available heap. Note that each task also requires another section of heap for the Task Control Block (TCB), which stores various attributes about the task, such as its state and priority.

We demonstrate ways to monitor the stack in each thread as well as the total amount of heap available to the system. We also show what happens when you overrun the stack or heap!

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