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Globe Believers Will NEVER Admit This Secret To You...

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#flatearth #moonlanding #flatearthdebate #debate #nasalies

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By lastgreat1

What an fool Brett Keane is no wonder he has sour grapes over FE.

By AdamEve

My adventure with FE ended when I realized that "no pressure without a container" was clearly contradicted by nebulae visible from earth. I know you will call it "lights in the sky" or whatever - but your dome just got ultra-complicated with high resolution screens. Keep believing.

Also, I go with the team that has usable technology based on a model of reality. I'm waiting for FE inventions to counter that. You need evidence, not conjecture and skepticism to win.

By MusicAnalyst

We live in a dualistic reality, up down, in out, light dark, cold warm , life death etc. I think its just as simple as you say, that up is up and down is down.

What made me stop believing ball earth was the boat reappearing to sight with the P900 cameras, the vaccum of space not sucking everything in and also the fake ass CGI pictures.

Also being able to zoom in the moon that is supposed to be sooo far away, yet here we can get a clear picture of it with a camera. Then also, them officially saying last year that the moon now is under earths atmosphere? Lol get the fook out of here with that shit. They really think we are all just some stupid monkeys.

Yeah those globers have to keep up with lies and when you have truth, a lot of weight falls of your shoulders. A lie means basically that your mind has to constantly be at work perpetuating that lie construct at all times, which will take its toll on you, while being with truth is like breeze.

By godtvradio

I'm interested in flat earthers and have invited many to my shows. Only a few showed. I noticed when questioned they call names and rant. I challenge you to a discussion.

By Nosat

I just donated 10.0 TUBEs ($ 0.09 USD)

By Julie Elizabeth Bennett

Stalking is not made any easier by a lack of notifications. Also, I couldn't help but notice a distinct lack of diverse hair textures in this video. I'm offended. How do you sleep at night Chris?

By MerrimourTheRed

i cant verify my account cus i dont have a phone ... lol

By Zero11s

don't call them Atheists, only Flat Earthers can be Atheists

By Cipher-Tu Productions

"the bitter, butt-hurtness in his face"

By It's legal to think

You are literally the only reason I use BitTubers, so it's always nice to see when you have a new upload. Just a shame BT still are kind of a mess to navigate in, and video streaming is often slower and video lags, BUT we need an uncensored platform and I am happy to support you here in your new home. Keep on fighting :)