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Improvising A Track Without Listening - MYSTORY Nr27


Improvising A Track Without Listening - MYSTORY Nr27

Creating A Song Without Hearing It



Hello World, Hello Viewers!


I am composing a song like thing with not even listening to it.

How to create a song is not a thing I know by the way.

Improvising a song without listening might be epic.

Making such a song and video might fail.

This is also a music video like thing.






#musiccreation, #notlistening, #improvisedsong, #musicvideo

#synthtrack, #musicchallenge, #nothearingmusic

#inidesong, #lmms


_______________ VIDEO-BLOG-POST _______________

The main text section of this text blog post starts here


0:00 - INTRO


Hello World!

In this blog post I am covering the process of me trying to create some decent music without listening to it while creation.

In my first attempt to reach this improvised goal I decided to create me some rules to stick to for the first song.

I decided to not hear or play assembled parts of the song while creating it.

I also decided to hear the sounds of synth instruments in Lmms.

In Linux Multi Media Studio, this is where the name apparently came from, I decided to record some parts of the song while playing them on my pc keyboard.


10:00 - VIDEO


As if this introduction was not weird enough I also thought that it would make sense to make a whole video of this attempt to improvise music.

I should also probably mention that I am not a typical artist and or even remotely a professional musician.

I am also trying to create such a track or song or some music like sounds with digital audio workstations because I like.

This does not immediately make me a musician, I wish it would.

I also start using a new blog post text setup that seems to be a bit better than the previous ones and it also features some small changes but they are important probably.

I am getting pretty close to the perfect blog text setup.


15:00 - MUSIC


Creating music or songs while not hearing them seems to be interesting if your name is not Beethoven.

I mean interesting in the way that it is simply hard.

I also decided to export these beautiful creations and listen to them as a background to videogames.

In this case I used Doom from 2016 and I must remind everyone in the fact that this channel or my blogs have twenty-five gaming posts so my channels and blogs started as gaming related things.


20:00 - TRACK


I also explained in my first proper post that I would try to document the process of building my little online channel entertainment series of videos and blog posts so this is part of the story that I am telling.

I have to try different types of content but I also want to have a good amount of each type of content on my pages so I thought that it is time to make different things too.

This is what brought me here to the writing of these lines.

Feel free to give me feedback.


25:00 - CREATION


In the end I made a total of two different songs in this new post and the first one was made without hearing it and the second one was created with not listening to it in the normal way but the second one seems to be a little bit more like a song.

I also added some other songs and some remix of a historic recording to the video for the background audio while creating in Lmms.


30:00 - SONG


In the end I was curious to see how this turned out and I was relatively happy with the results when I consider the fact that I am not a professional creator.

To not keep doing these excuses I must say that I already made some songs before obviously and they are very “indie” type style.

Making songs, tracks or music without hearing or listening and making some type of music video with gaming content is for sure something that not so many people have done and I wonder why…

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Hello World, Hello Viewers!

And hi!

0:00 is where the content starts...

So be Beethoven and follow me everywhere and bring someone else to subscribing to my pages and drop as many comments as you want.

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Yours Sincerely,




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