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How to be a Dictator

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Louis the 14th was perhaps the last great monarch. The man reigned over France for a whole 72 years. Two generations later and you had Louis the 16th - the last monarch of France. Humanity decided that they finally had enough of the idea that their rights belonged to the gods and kings that ruled over them. They now believe that their sovereign rights belonged to the people. This is definitely an inconvenience to the aspiring power-hungry individual like ourselves but even though you can’t be king anymore, there is an alternative.

We need a better way of seizing power. With every single crisis there’s an opportunity. 

The more larger-than-life, the more god-like you appear to the masses, the easier everything will be. View yourself as kind of like a religious leader, but instead of traditional religion, you preach your political religion. You want people to worship you exactly like how they would worship a cult leader or a prophet since democracies are based on the support of the people, on the vote of the people. 

Your political ideology is just for appearances. As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage” - and as a political cult leader, you have to treat yourself as an actor. Every word, every gesture, every tonal change in your voice, every aspect of your body language contributes to putting the populace under your spell. The more public support you have, the easier it will be to rise up in power. 

As you get more power, you want to use mass media to make yourself omnipresent. Plaster your face literally everywhere. Have your writings and speeches on repeat on news stations, social media, radio. Have MSM promote and spread positive stories about yourself while silencing dissenters. Rename streets, cities, factories after your holiness like Stalin did. Exaggerate your story like Kim Il-sung did with his background on how he had super powers, could fly through the air, tunnel through mountains. Basically, you want your subjects to feel as if wherever they go, their great leader is watching over their shoulders 24/7


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