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Interview With Former NASA Satellite Engineer Turned FLAT EARTHER!

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By Redie111

Your so stupid, i unsubscribed. I can see your idiotic look from a mile away.

By arwoodco

It could be the ISS footage is real.. My theory was that for a long time they could not get on the ISS so they faked a bunch of footage.. But I think there have been a few times where they could get on it and it was likely one of those times which they took the footage.. As its pretty obvious a lot of the videos put out for the ISS were faked, but I do think the ISS is up there and likely just not very habitable and likely failed for ability of humans to be on board .

By TeTravay

shouldve just kept the topic on flat earth and similar topics. his world and ethnic views are off

By MerrimourTheRed

My childhood friend Prof Jason Bazylak who became the 2nd lead chair of engineering at Toronto University in Canada here ... he did help design components for the "Canada Arm" and he agreed something shifty is up with NASA ... like he felt like his designs may not be going "up in space" but more like into that warehouse at the end of the first INDIANA JONES movie ... Last time we spoke he said good luck on your quest for truth but cant debate me on it cuz he could lose tenure

By Mike I

At 1:38:00 and talking about the so called ISS projected over AE map (FE map): The ISS path over FE is in the family of the sun and the moon paths. Mentally tug on the ISS path and make it close to the sun's. Think about the North pole axis and the four secondary poles ("angels"). Also take a looksee at Hunab Ku (two planes there).

By Bertiecharlie

2hrs of random guesswork theories with a bit of Christian fundamentalism, white nationalism and racism thrown in. Well done Chris 🤦🏻‍♂️

By HeavenAboveEarthBelow

The "optical convergence point" over water is affected by weather conditions and just the fact that there is all that water available for creating humidity that obscures sight and creates a mirage. There is a piece of road where I live that is perfectly flat and is straight for a distance of 7 miles where you can see cars from one end to the other. There is no water involved and at night there is no heat to make a mirage.


I will share this on the Flat Earth Sun, Moon * Zodiac Cloak app for new years day but I need to do it from screwtube. All links back to you here and your support. iOS App http://tiny.cc/FESMZClockiOS   Android App http://tiny.cc/FESMZClockAndroid

By TomNeary

Space Corps Come on Trump.

By Cipher-Tu Productions

rogans up!