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@Crypto Rich

BITTUBERS.COM Why more and more content creators are moving over! - Interview with the CEO

BITTUBERS.COM Why more and more content creators are moving over! - Interveiw with the CEO

With the Christmas Cull of Crypto Content Creators by YouTube, more and more YouTubers are moving over to alternative censorship resistant platforms, including BitTubers. I speak to Saber Maram, the CEO of Bittubers and ask him why should content creators use Bittubers.com

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By ngThnhLong

Hello, Interact offline!

By truckcoin

If the features worked. I can't upload videos and I can't buy tubes. I joined at a level and paid. Feeling ripped off at the moment. Love the potential of the site if it actually worked as intended.

By SImpleCookingRecipes

Are you a Bittubers shill? Are you getting paid for this? There is more and more word coming out that Bittube is a scam and stealing TUBES.

And guess what?? After 120,000 views Bittube says I have 20 mins of Airtime and rewarded me with under 5 cents revenue.

Even if every view was only 1 second that would equate to 16+ hours airtime. But NO- Bittube says only 20 mins has been watched from 100K+ views.

I have since deleted ALL references to Bittube in all my social media!

By nachodon

I just donated 10.0 TUBEs ($ 0.10 USD)

By nachodon

Good job @cryptorich - i like the fact that you implemented your own ad as a true businessman would - keeping the profits 100% for yourself rather than bitch and moan to Saber like some other people on the platform about the need for an ad server. I'm going to point to you next time anyone cries out for ads in the bittubers community. 👍

By InfoToons

When you're a newer content creator you'll get more views on the alt.video sites than YT these days. I like this site.

By TheBitMan360

I love the timing of this centralized meltdown, Tubers is the future, love the no pre-mine and use of Monero! Awesome!

By rewind721

Please don't start advertisement or censorship or you'll end up just like youtube.

By BrickIntyre

I've been porting everything from my channel on YouTube over here to BitTubers for the past month or so. My channel was fairly new (1 year or so) on YouTube, and the main thing that pushed me away was the COPPA hammer that's coming down. Crypto currency aside, being over here on BitTubers is just fun! And that's one reason I started a channel was to have fun, and YouTube isn't fun when you have to worry about so much & whether or not they're going to shut down your channel.

By hpsteuer

I just donated 30.0 TUBEs ($ 0.30 USD)