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Newsletter. Gun laws alternatives. The stupid ruling class and what a strong leader could do

What do you think about Substack and/or a news letter? I would write the same stuff as in the descriptions, but a little more and with nicer layout, images and it being independent from the video.

Swedish crazy left is afraid that militia would start to punish child rapists:


Gaia Biomaterials is a company that produces plastic bags that turn into healthy soil without micro plastics in them:

Scott Adams came with an alternative to restricting guns: What about demanding that they look uncool instead? Then the guns can still be used by people who need them, but they would be less attractive for people who want to look cool by murdering a lot of people.

Also, it would be a good idea to not let people with severe deficiencies in for example vitamin D have guns until they fixed that, and if they only consume partisan news, they might also do crazy stuff with the gun, so learning about the other side is a reasonable thing to demand. And of course people who have no interest in becoming assimilated of the country shouldn't have the right to guns until they have proven they aren't enemy combatants.

The opposite could be used by the police or property owners. If there are murderrobots with arms of gatling guns, that would definitely scare some people to behave. Just some eyes pained on a wall lowers crime, so imagine what a murder-robot staring at potential criminals would do! Might even be fake guns!

The Syrian who shot in Boulder: As usual "FBI knew about the shooter". Quite often they do, and often it has been a sting operation and the shoot would never been shooting without the FBI involvement. Look out for that!

I also realized that to become a leader, I can no longer be a white heterosexual man, so I now confess that I have deviant sexual preference (which one is secret). So everyone with any perversion can now see themself in me, and no one can blame me for being a white heterosexual man anymore.

If you look around the world, only Iceland, San Marino and Switzerland have done well for centuries without having strong leaders who take the side of the people against the ever more corrupt, manipulative and useless ruling class in the country. I don't think we can copy these countries, but we can give even media personalities great power by just listening to them, and the main requirement is just that they aren't brainwashed or a part of the ruling class.

You get banned from Facebook if you present evidence that ivermectin works. I think it's mostly partisan brain damage among the Facebook crew and only a few truly evil people who want to keep people sick for profit or the fun of it:




Ivermectin and covid-response in India:


"After the initiation of vaccine programme, almost all countries experienced a sudden surge of transmission"


Other examples of covid epidemics after vaccination starts:


As expected, WHO wants as many people suffering as they can get away with:


"WHO will update ivermectin guidelines next week.

According to the hint provide by their Clinical Care director, it looks like the conclusion will be not enough data to recommend."

FLCCC Ivermectin as prophylaxis:


HCQ + vitamin D


Finnish IDIOTS!


Not even Switzerland is immune against insane stuff:

Masks are now not allowed and required by law:






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