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It Doesn't Have to be This Way - Peak Prosperity

Chris Martenson breaks down effective therapeutics for covid-19.

"This is insane. Even when something dead-nuts safe like Vitamin D finally emerges, irrefutably, to be of massive benefit, what does the UK NHS do? They decide to ship only 400 IU per patient/day. That's roughly 1/10th what's needed to boost serum levels to the safe and effective range of 50 ng/ml

A 'futurecast' from Hannibal Spotsbury explains what comes next.

Also the Drug Which Shall Not Be Named (DWSNBN) is back int news, this time from India where it conferred a 90% reduction in Covid cases among high risk health care workers.

Add it all up and there's a TON that we could be doing to effectively limit the spread and severity of Covid...but aren't.

It doesn't have to be this way."


Covid and Sun’s incidence



Vitamin D above 50 ng/ml



Robin Whittle Vitamin D Twitter



Sweden Vit D in food



source: https://www.peakprosperity.com/

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