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@Saints of YHWH

Idolatry: The enemy in your own home (Evil Cartoons,Dolls and Witchcraft ornaments)

Idols and Images

(Joshua 1:8) (Exodus 20:4-5)

 (Deuteronomy 5:8-9)

A Word About Dolls

For a real surprise, read what any good encyclopedia has to say about dolls and their origins. Our root word for doll is idol. These originated in witchcraft and to this day, dolls are still used in it.

Do you suppose that the little ones who crowded around Jesus were clutching cute little dolls? Absolutely not! The children of Judah and Israel did not possess any likenesses of humans or animals. No teddy bears, cabbage patch dolls or Mickey Mouse!

Notice that the encyclopedia records that all dolls found at archeological digs were from Egyptian, Greek and other pagan cultures. Never did Israel or Judah permit the possession of such things except in times of apostasy.

Chapter 6: Images or Idols?

There is no doubt some figures are idols. Everyone can recognize a Buddha and know that it is an idol. In museums there are figures of clay, wood, or metal on display. Signs inform you that these are gods of certain countries or some remove civilization.

“Idols are the inevitable symptom of incipient decay. Go at autumn into the woods, and see how the members of the fungus tribes are scattered plentifully throughout the unfrequented glades. Where the shade is deepest, and the soil most impregnated with the products of corruption, they love to pitch their tents. Similarly, whenever there has set in upon the spiritual life the autumn of decay, you will be sure to find a fungus growth of idols.” (From Great Men of the Bible, Vol. I, by F. B. Meyer, Zondervan Corp., Grand Rapids, MI and Marshall Morgan & Scott, 1 Bath St., London ECIV 9LB England, copyright 1981, p. 94.)

Ladies, beware! It may be that you are especially susceptible to becoming ensnared in this sort of thing. It was beloved Rachel who could not bear to leave the little household gods of her father behind and put them in the baggage. They had to be surrendered before there could be any victory or peace in the camp.

Because of the extremely strong conscience placed in the male by God, the man is held responsible for ferreting out and destroying idols. And woe to the females who oppose this when it is scripturally right! She may indeed prevail by anger, weeping and nagging and hang on to the idols, but the consequences to her and the children will be terrible indeed.

Jacob was forced to flee before the alien tribes because of the terrible action of his sons. However, another reason was that very likely he had given in to the pleadings of Rachel to take the gods with her. Knowing what was right, he did not insist on it and deferred to his wife. Thus, by pacifying his spouse, he antagonized God by the presence of idols.When there is failure and defeat, look for some hidden idols! Men must take the lead in this and search them out. No matter how Rachel may object and protest, bring out the accursed things and destroy them.

Jacob buried those idols right away! Had he kept or carried them with him, there would always be the temptation to bring them forth again. There was a mighty work of God among the Ephesians following the destruction of their demonic garbage in the marketplace (Acts 19:19).

The question arises, “How about other images? Are they harmless or harmful?” Some, especially the ladies, may protest loudly. After all, they are so attractive! There are little geese with ribbons around their necks, adorable ceramic kittens, and expensive porcelain birds, owls, frogs, dolls, etc.

Surely, these could not possibly be classed as idols! After all, we have no altars for them. We neither pray to them nor make offerings to them. All we do is dust them once in a while. They are merely conversation pieces!

Today, all over this planet, there are countries and cultures which worship animals and other creatures of all kinds. They have images of animals which are regarded as sacred gods. For example, the Hindus worship bulls, cows, monkeys, snakes, and many other animals.

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