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Hostile Appetite - AvP2 Custom Map (Complete Playthrough) - Part 2

See part one's video description for more details on the map.

Map review:

Here is a very unique map in which the player takes control of an alien on Hadley's Hope. What makes this map special is its mission objective to find and destroy all 158 human npcs on the map. At the bottom right of the player's hud is a "chomp-o-meter" displaying the remaining human npcs on the map. As the player takes them out, the meter will fall in number until it hits zero and the player wins. As an alien, the player starts off as a facehugger and must facehug one of three human npcs at the start of the map. The left and middle npcs will have the player spawn as a drone and the right npc will have the player spawn as a runner. However, the middle npc will enable hints (this is the easy mode) and prevent the player from unlocking the secret ending (more on this later). In my playthrough I chose the left npc.

The player will not fight alone though, as several other alien npcs will join the player in the fight. The ai of these aliens ranges from dumb to extremely aggressive. For the most part they will just follow the player around and stand in the way of the player's path; mainly at doorways and exits. However, the moment they lock onto a Weyland-Yutani staff member, they make a direct beeline to attack them. It is best to stay out of their way when they attack as they can often kill the player by accident. This happened to me numerous times in my playthrough. It should be mentioned that the level design itself its pretty good and representative of what one would expect from a Hadley Hope complex, although its not 1:1 like it is in the movie. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though.

Once the player gets to around twenty npcs remaining, this map stops becoming fun and becomes a chore unfortunately. From my experience, it becomes EXTREMELY tedious and difficult to find the hard to reach and good-hiding npcs. The hints would probably make this a lot easier, but I wanted to unlock the secret ending. Although once I found the remaining ways to get access to the final npcs, the map became fun again. The xenomorph transforms again towards the end of the map into a praetorian which is a nice addition. This of course was fun until I had one npc left and had to re-search the whole map several times. I probably cut about thirty minutes of randomly searching for npcs from the video towards the end of the alien run.

If the player picked one of the facehugger victims without the hints, managed to destroy all 158 npcs AND kept all their alien escort npcs alive (make sure to quick-save often just in case) the player will unlock the secret ending called "sole survivor mode". In this mode, the player will spawn as a Weyland-Yutani officer hard at work in his room oblivious to all the xenomorph commotion going on outside. He is armed only with a knife, and must find his way out the Hadley Hope complex with no help at all. What is interesting with this mode is that it begins exactly when the alien part ends; meaning any items destroyed by the aliens will remain destroyed in this mode. This mode is a more straight forward style of AvP2 map, but it is difficult in that weapon selection is very limited. Many of the drone alien npcs have beefed up health and are very trigger happy with head biting mid-pounce. At the end a queen will spawn and it gets pretty ridiculous but tons of fun.

This is definitely a LONG map. It will take over an hour to complete, so make sure to save often. While it is a bit tedious towards the end of the alien part, the overall map is great and worth the grind. It is highly recommended.

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