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Nuthin' But a CBD Thang - (CBD RAP REMIX)

Cannaroo CBD is a great option for those looking for flavored or topical CBD products

https://2bitshub.com/cannaroo-cbd-is-a-great-option-for-those-looking-for-flavored-or-topical-cbd-products #Hemp #Cannaroo CBD

Check out this parody remix of "Nuthin But a G Thang" and "Forgot About Dre" - But this time about the CBD Industry! Join our CBD Green Rush Business at http://cbdchallenge.me Chris Record teams up with HempWorx to release an epic CBD Rap to help raise awareness for the CBD Industry and have fun while doing it! The result? An Epic Hempworx Rap! Follow Chris Record: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrisrecord Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/recordbreaker Booking/Business Inquiries: chrisrecordtv@gmail.com If you love this CBD HEMP RAP be sure to SHARE & COMMENT! ------------------- CBD RAP LYRICS LYRICS: Chris Record VOCALS: Chris Record, Peter Sorensen VIDEO: Steele Rutherford BEAT: Sam LoBue ------------------- H. E. M. and to the P. Hempworx pumping out the purest CBD Ready to make an entrance, we back on top Chris Record show em what you got Somebody gimme the microphone first so I can talk about this oil (huh) Josh and Jenna got together now you know we in trouble Cuz Ain’t Nothin' but "CBD", BABY Take drips of the peppermint DAILY Hempworx is the company that PAYS ME drip drippin' boy we don’t really vape this (Hell yeah) But uh, back to the product at hand (What’s up) The purest CBD that you can find up in the land But what about the THC? CBD won’t get you high Because it’s not a psychoactive You never know you could be Helpin’ your pets by giving em drips And at at same time earning your checks. No need to panic cuz It’s all organic Healthy people, Healthy pets And a healthy planet (AYE) Hemp Worx now Push it through your network Like Clockwork, Flip the drip And grow your net worth No guess work Give me the mic And I’m like a professor Teaching a class Rankin em up fast Breaking a record Man they trip and they trip and they trip and uh they don’t know about the benefits of hemp and uh They don’t understand the difference it brings to us Keeping it safe, keeping it legal With no side effects Well I'm drippin', and I'm drippin', and I'm drippin ' feeling smooth, feeling blessed I keep earning these commissions (OKAY) CBD has got me free I’m just drippin' up out the bottle With or without the THC It’s the capital H E M to the P D E R I V E D Cannabidiol Indisputable Irrefutable Indescribable —————— Hold up hold up hold up - Cannabiddy What? Cannabidiol aka CBD It’s one of the compounds found in a cannabis plant You mean cannabis like marijuana? No man, CBD is hemp-derived Meaning it doesn’t get you high. Check it out... Did you know the first American flag was made from hemp? Really? It’s true! And did you know the Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp? Actually, no I didn’t. Yeah man, and you can make over 25,000 products with hemp, including CBD oil. In fact check this out... New estimates show that the CBD Market could Hit $22 Billion Dollars by the year 2022 Now you’ve got my attention. Simply put Hemp is Safe Hemp is Friendly And Hemp Works! —————— Nowadays everybody getting bent By the money that‘s spent On legalized hemp But they all want in They want a piece of the trend Man even the government is cashing in Hempworx baby where the action is Everybody else just a fraction of this But the passionate wins So we helping our friends With a chance to earn one of our massive checks Last week I was walking by When I caught a guy Drippin’ CBD up in the parking lot I walked up to him and asked him If he thought it was okay or not He pulled out a card Put it in my face Then he asked if I’m a time traveler I said how bizarre, why? He said cuz you actin like it’s 2004 Want Drips? You can get em at the store The Benefits Yeah it’s medicinal And everywhere you go You see professionals Drip drip drip drippin' on CBD oil So quit trip trippin With your difficult self Get dip dip dippin with your style hypocritical We all individuals Coming with a unified voice Evidence and it’s all indisputable C.B.D. hottest trend in the industry When it’s Hemp-derived man we don’t get high But we get good vibes Instantly So I d

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