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Joe Biden Signed A Tyrannical Order Allowing Men Who Identify As Women To Compete Against Females In Sports!

Executive orders give American presidents dictatorial powers because it forces their will on Congress and the American people. It's a way for one person to tyrannically impose his will on the hundreds of millions of citizens in this country with impunity and lord over them as a dictator.

On his first day on the job as the "leader of the free world," Joe Biden signed 17 executive orders. One of these tyrannical orders allows men who wish to identify as women to compete against females in sports!

Imagine that an athletic elite like LeBron James one day decided that he identifies himself as a woman and now wishes to quit the men's NBA and join the women's NBA where he thinks he belongs. What will happen to the WNBA?

Obviously, within one season, he'll break every record that women achieved in that league's history and guarantee victory to any team that hires him.

You don't think it's fair? Well, since when were sports fair or life itself to begin with? Injustice is drilled into the DNA of the human race. Inequality is intrinsic to this race. Competitive sports revolve around the idea of the superior human being, and this genetic superiority is ALWAYS handed down to a few "blessed" individuals at birth.

"Look at me I'm better than the others" is what competitive sports are all about. For example, Usain Bolt (an Olympic world record holder) and his Jamaican teammates are members of a tiny slice of the world population whose body types and physiology have been uniquely shaped by thousands of years of evolution to run fast. Would it be fair to compete with someone who's genetically superior?

LeBron James is 6' 8" (2 meters) tall, and that's why he's excelling at a game specifically designed for obnoxiously tall people like himself. Would he be able to achieve what he achieved if he was under 6 feet? 100% Not. And what are the chances that they'll allow you in the NBA if you're below 6 feet?

Ultimately, this endless obsession with competitive sports is incredibly naive, if not idiotic. Sports should be about having fun, not making money through serious competition. Competitive sports are inherently racist and discriminatory. It is my opinion that in the near future competitive sports will be abolished altogether.

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