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An Instagram Employee Is Looking At You Through Your Phone's Camera RIGHT NOW!

In the 2020 movie "Possessor," a company employee is spying on people's webcams or phone cameras and documenting everything he sees. And there's even a supervisor monitoring him to make sure that he documents everything he observes and as quickly as possible.

Although the movie is labeled as Sci-Fi, this isn't science fiction at all. This is EXACTLY what Instagram has recently announced they'll do in their new terms and conditions that went live yesterday (December 20). NOW there's an Instagram employee looking at you through your phone's camera right now and recording everything he/she sees.

This means that if you're on the shitter while using Twitter, Instagram employees are literally watching you shit in your own bathroom! They're also watching you f*ck your wife/girlfriend in your bedroom if you're foolish enough to bring your phone with you to the bedroom.

This has always been an open secret, and we've known about it since the inception of social media and smartphones. Recently, however, this open secret has become common knowledge. And Instagram has clearly stated in their new terms and conditions that, YES, their employees are watching you from your selfie cameras and documenting everything they see.

The most reasonable course of action, of course, is to uninstall Instagram from your phone immediately, but since there's no room for reasonable solutions nowadays, at least cover your goddamn cameras with a reusable sticker!

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