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World-wide demonstrations Saturday 1 PM. The Wolf and the Lamb got stuck in the thicket. Cool tech!

Not acceptable - See The Wolf and the Lamb below!


NEW - Dr. Fauci hopes to be able to vaccinate children as young as 6-months by the beginning of next year.

PVP-I = Povidone Iodineis a water soluble polymer polyvinyl pyrrotodon (PVP-I) and less toxic than tincture of iodine


Only 12% with PVP-I tested positive on day 3


96% with water

The demonstration in Stockholm is getting some (alternative) press:


March 20, 2021 #WewillALLbethere

More info here about other cities:


David Icke has the same take as me on Mogufuli:



Norwegian professor Pål Andre Holme thinks AstraZeneca's vaccine causes blodclots:


A few Danes got reinfected with covid or there were false positives. I would not worry too much about it; see Peter's video below:


Glenn Greenwald explains how totally despicable many journalists behave, and these people deserve no readers:


Geert Vanden Bossche & Peter McCullough Webinar: Presentation by Peter McCullough


Simple advice:

"Recovered covid-patients should under no circumstances undergo vaccination"

UV-light for cleaning the blood from viruses is working too well for the wolves that just want to make the problems worse to benefit from it:


The wolves that want to sell you their politics, vaccines or other crap do not care about if it's the right thing to do. They do not discuss it with you. They are only trying to convince, trick or overrule you to do what they want. Read this again and again:


CCP pays drug addicts to attack Asians to stir up racial tensions:


If I ruled a nation, I would create the best stablecoin in the world, and use my capability to project physical power to continue to be able to borrow money for free or even getting paid for holding people's wealth:


"Ulysses can provide our clients with the ability to remotely geo-locate vehicles in nearly every country except for North Korea and Cuba on a near real-time basis,"



"automaker forecasts fully electric vehicles will account for at least 50% of BMW Group's deliveries to customers by 2030"

Who are 50% of the customers that will not buy electric when the electric models are better and cheaper in all ways? There were no 50% still using horses when cars became cheaper and better, and when GSM got cheaper and better than NMT (an analog mobile phone standard used in Northern Europe), the old tech just vanished in a cloud of smoke and only a few users of the old remained.

Can a tiny country control the climate better than entire UN can? Of course it can, because UN is a bunch of useless parasites that are almost too stupid to steal stuff:


No space lizard, but at least some space bacteria:


What about vitamin D toxicity: (Spoiler, don't worry about it!)


If one is worried about hypercalcemina, the thing to worry about is lack of vitamin K2. And if you get that from eggs, stinking cheese and Sauerkraut, you get a bunch of other beneficial nutrients too. There is a reason big pharma has been hating on eggs for 50 years - 2 eggs per day GREATLY hurt their profits

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