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THE REALITY OF PAIN vs THE WORLD IS AN ILLUSION?! (I loved my teacher because he was HONEST with me)

#Truth #life

HUMAN X | S7 - E2


with Gyan

We live in a world where so many people are trying to sell us CONCEPTS - teachers, spiritualities, ideologies that bypass the reality of living. “The world is an illusion!” It is?!! When we break a limb, when we go through a break-up, when we don’t have food or money — the illusion is suddenly VERY REAL, isn’t it? 

Pain is not an illusion.

Where can we find something practical, that actually considers our situation, as human beings, living here on earth?

It is rare to meet a teacher who speaks to us directly - to the HUMAN in us - someone who addresses the real issue. Someone who doesn’t bypass the reality of living in this world - from which we have been running all our lives, trying to appease our pain. That doesn’t sell us a concept or an idea. When this happens, there’s a raw HONESTY that touches us at the deepest level: there’s a person who FEELS our reality, understands it, and helps us see that there IS in fact a solution, very practical, if we seek this.


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