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@Wardo Rants

Back to FALSE FLAG EVENTS: Witness to King Soopers Shooting

During the Obama administration we saw the rise of False Flag shootings with the agenda of Gun Rights.

Under Trump they continued mainly focussing in legislation to protect the Jew.

Now it appears that government is back to fear porn False Flags and gun confiscation.

And this event has many of the same ol tried and true red flags as we have seen before.

On Sep 2, 2020, there was a practice drill.

Colorado Springs tested emergency preparedness with a mass-casualty drill.

‘Roughly 80 police, fire, ambulance and other emergency personnel from 11 agencies participated in a mass-casualty drill, in a field near the Colorado Springs Airport.’

Colorado Springs tests emergency preparedness with mass-casualty drill

Six shooting incidents from 1999-2021 occurred within a 40-mile radius of the shooting, on 22 3 2021, at Boulder King Soopers Colorado

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