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Global Economic Collapse

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👉Global Economic Collapse - Mad Max World Scenario - NWO - One Global Currency!!

Just as we warned you yesterday, The Dow today Drops Below 20k. Global Economic Collapse is unfolding. Anyone that thinks this is stopping at 18K is straight smoking rock.

Dow 10K is highly likely. World production is cratering, which means demand destruction and debt collapse. 

We are witnessing the largest global empire in all of mankind coming to a complete and utter standstill. 

Just think about that for a moment. 

This is the Great Reset. I hope everyone has guns, ammo, food, and some Precious Metals. There's no printing your way out of a debt bubble that's now in the QUADRILLIONS. The market is completely broken at this point, and we are at the beginning of the biggest depression in human history. 

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