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I just received a call to buy Libra coin.

Multiple calls prior to this one made me play dumb and finally recorded it. The end is the most interesting. #cryptocurrency #scam

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By AtticusHerodes

What do we expect from a CEO who started a company by stealing passwords and credit card numbers hacking competitors sites hacking his own server vandalizing others profiles and then hiring engineers who do not know where acronyms like LULz, AFK, IRL, came from.

By KrazzyTrukker

Libra is Fecesbook, and FecesBook is the BIGGEST Ponzi Scheme SCAM of DATA THEFT EVER...!!

By nachodon

wow , you had a chance to get in early on this and didn't go for it? please just give her my credit card number if she calls again. I trust you: amex 4569 873767 6969 exp date 9-11. keep 50 libra for your trouble.