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Dabbe 5

The peaceful and calm days of Dilek, happily married to her husband, come to an abrupt end due to an attack by jinns whose names are never mentioned and who hide behind the shadows of the storms of hell

To Watch the full movie http://adfoc.us/62929378788612

 It all starts with a dream that Dilek has, with shadowy characters whispering secrets about the devil in her ear, and then they start to haunt her. Although her husband Ömer believes that these are just the psychological consequences of a theft she was the victim of a few days ago, Dilek slowly gets the feeling that the jinns are getting closer to her every day by whispering their secrets to her and whispering to her move to an unknown realm. When fear turns to violence and Dilek begins to lose control of her own body, they decide to seek help from a woman named Lady Belkis from Bitlis, who has knowledge of the Djinn universe. By communicating in her own unique way with the Djinns, she discovers that the most fearsome tribe of Djinns in history is entangled in these events and is deeply appalled. Because they enter the human blood system through dreams and spread like poison, it is almost impossible to remove this genus tribe from the souls that hunt them. Will despair be followed by submission when a somber dimension takes time for Dilek? How can the dark moments of an ordinary person's past curse their future? Why does the blood-ridden venomous jinn and the most vindictive tribe of the devil prey on Dilek's soul?

To Watch the full movie http://adfoc.us/62929378788612

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