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LV-666_Infestation - AvP2 Custom Map Campaign(Complete Playthrough)

Aliens vs Predator 2 singleplayer custom map campaign titled "LV-666_Infestation".

Map author: Hamm3R

Map review:

Infestation is one of the more unique campaigns in that it uses completely new voice acting from AvP2 players. The voice acting is a bit hit and miss, but I find it amusing how the accents are applied to certain characters such as poc guards and corporates. The player, is also given new voice dialogue, plays as a corporate/merc. The level design is very reminiscent of depot, alesserfate and some of the early singleplayer missions, albeit more open.

However, it is not the voice acting that stands out for me, but it is the difficulty of the enemy ai. The aliens all appeared beefed up in health, able to withstand extra gunfire. Hamm3r, as in his Limpboy map, makes the aliens here extra aggressive in that they are very prone to head-biting upon pouncing. The predator ai is insanely absurd in how strong they are and immune to de-cloaking with emp attacks. It felt like it took ages to defeat many of the predators, especially the heavy predator. The ally npcs are essentially useless as they hardly harm any enemies and usually can't shoot straight.

Despite the absurd health boosts of some of the enemies, Infestation is a fun campaign that is worthy of a play. Just make sure you quick save often.

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