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@The Watchdog

286. The 12th District of California | It's Nancy Pelosi's Chaos

Shocking video of Pelosi’s 'Hell-Hole district' where poor people and minorities are living in squalor.

Instead of "taking a knee" for a PR stunt, Pelosi should be on her knees begging God to forgive her for allowing blacks and other Americans to live in squalor.

This video was filmed in Nancy Pelosi’s district. Now, when you watch this, remember that this woman has been in her position representing California's 12th congressional district since 2013 and this is how it looks.

Pelosi, who pretends to care about blacks and minorities is a slum lord. She has no problem living in her massive mansion with her $34K refrigerator and $14 ice cream while the poor minorities live like they’re in a 3rd-world country just down the road.

If this isn’t a “Let them eat. cake (and ice cream)” moment, I don’t know what.

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By CanalJosSilva

This is the result of the jewish cancers called Communism, Free Masonry, Immigration Act of 1965, immoral laws and undermined civic rights.

Giving free food and house will not solve the problem. Most of them don't want to work. This is them way of living.