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Self Love Is Not Egoistic Narcissistic Or Selfish

A lot of us are quite uncomfortable with or are even ashamed of loving ourselves because we have been programmed to be distracted or alienated from ourselves. That is why we constantly focus on others or at best compare ourselves with others and thus living in their shadows. Many of us depend on others to love us because we believe that we are incapable of loving ourselves. if you really want to be accepted and be loved then accept and love yourself first ♥️😘♥️

Self love is true love because if you cannot love yourself then you can't love at all. Learning how to love yourself is not only the greatest love of all. it is the very foundation of your life and all of your emotion. Self love is is the foundation for growth and development in your life. A lot of problems and troubles in the world are due to a lack of self love. if we truly love and accept ourselves then it will be easy to love and accent others because it will be obvious that there are no others because we are all connected and all one. Realising who you are is the key to accepting, respecting and loving yourself. You are the most important being on this planet sample because you cannot experience this reality without you! The next time you think about loving the most beautiful, wonderful and precious human being on this planet, take a look and you will see that that person is you ♥️😘🙏🏽

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