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The ants "kidnapping children"

Hard to believe but true: The ants specialize in "kidnapping children" to survive

"Kidnapping children", acts that seem to exist only in humans reappear in animals, particularly ants. Each kidnapping takes place publicly, with a scale of up to thousands of individuals, and the outcome of the hostages after these missions will surprise you.

Naturally, the kidnapping behavior of ants is not for the sake of making money, but is directly related to their survival. Specifically, from birth, the jaws of abducted ants have no jagged teeth, which makes them unable to chew food themselves. Therefore, abducted ants will have to accept starvation if no solution is found. Their "vital" option in this case is to look for "slaves" to help them chew their food.

How is a kidnapping conducted?

Catching the attack, the abducted ants will pull a large force of up to hundreds, even thousands of individuals, quickly approaching the nest of prey. Their targets were often very cautious because of the presence of regional kidnappers, so at the end of the day they would block the entrance of their nests with earth, small branches and gravel.

However, it did not take much time for this kidnapping army to break through the "gate", and once penetrating the defenses, the abducted ants would quickly go to the location of the young, black ants. in the final developmental state before becoming an adult ant.

To conduct a kidnapping mission, the ant will first send groups of ants to spy on the surrounding area. Once a potential target is discovered - The nest of other ants (usually black ants) - the Reconnaissance force will quickly return to report for the entire deployment of a swift attack.

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