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I hear a lot of random opinions in the discord / TG chats but most just get buried in long threads within a few hours. Also, no one is using the bittubers platform to articulate their ideas and suggestions. I wonder why? Anyway, I'm hoping to change that and utilize the BitTubers platform to express my opinions about the platform.

In this video I give my wishlist for the first half of 2020 for bittube. These are a few of what I feel are key elements to make the bittubers platform a more serious contender for high quality content creators.

Please join in the conversation below to have your ideas heard and hopefully reviewed by the team.

#bittubers #bittube #suggestion #tube @smaram

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By RandomDabs

Very good video thanks again for putting your opinion out there

By BitTubeViews.com

Good job @nachodon

By BitTubeViews.com

I just donated 10.0 TUBEs ($ 0.10 USD)

By thanksmia

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By fil_bell

Great vid fella....I hope the bittubers team take all this onboard, I'm sure they are working hard behind the scenes. I cant wait for the native mobile app as I only use bittubers on my desktop at the moment. I didnt realise it looks like the top vids have there views artifically inflated - that is really disappointing if true. I wonder what actually increases the view count ?? is it a full view of the vid or just a unique click ? Lets see what 2020 brings to the platform 😆

By TheBitMan360

Thanks for making this dude! LBRY repeatedly comes up as another good platform, im gonna check it out. But bitmans heart will always be with bittube : )

By RedPillPhilosophy

Great points. My current concerns about the platform:

  • wallet sync issue / can't donate
  • obviously needs a better mobile experience
  • I find there to be a lack of actual good content (I find much more stuff on LBRY). We need more creators here posting original/good content.
  • I'd love for some kind of introductory video(s) from BitTube staff sorta introducing newcomers to the platform and how it works (the FAQ is a bit lackluster). I felt like learning the platform and AirTime required too much digging around for answers, not too convenient for laymen.
  • Being able to pin my own comment under my videos
  • superchats (duh)

Overall like I said I think the platform is looking pretty great right now - actually I think it's the best looking/functioning alternative video site right now...really just needs a mobile app to seal the deal 👍👍