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Welcome to BitTube Guest Stories!

Content creation, online #monetization and free speech are hot topics nowadays. 

Welcome to #BitTube Guest Stories where we share with you insights from the #community, stories and more.  


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By ShakmGaming

These are indeed good reads. I like both @deadlybuda 's position about not chasing the mainstream content and helping others grow, as well as @nachodon 's about focusing on the users instead of the coin.

The funny thing is i'm kind of a mainstream content guy myself (gaming videos), but what makes me visit BitTubers day in and day out is a) the unique content that youtube will never promote and b) helping others by commenting (or even leading by example) make Bittubers a platform that can inform and entertain us everyday.

For example i would never know how versatile hemp is if it weren't for @2BitsHub , i learn a lot about cryptos by watching @nachodon and i get that raw and real footage of far away places from creators like @LeCielMinistry - and for a project that's still in beta there's already A LOT of creators like them here.

Some people might think these positions are naive and have no place in a business environment, but i bet @smaram knows from his other ventures how significant it is to have a competitive advantage over competitors and differentiate yourself from them - and one of BitTubers' best competitive advantages / differentiating factors is the connection between unique content and coin.