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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Showcase - Mai Shiranui

And that's the Last Showcase for Dead or Alive 5. I've now come to the conclusion that Dead or Alive 4 hates me and, while I don't particularaly like the quality of the Original DoA4 playthrough that I did, I'm going to be uploading that. After that, I'll be uploading DoA6.

Japan's No.1, and also too Sexy for Smash, Mai Shiranui crosses over from the King of Fighters games to compete with the the other sexy looking Kunoichi in the Dead or Alive Series. Just like with Naotora, this was essentially my first time playing as this character outside of Combo Training.

My Opinion on Mai...? I really like her. One of the things I feared when she was announced was that she was gonna play and feel like you're controlling a sack of bricks like the Virtua Fighter characters (especially you, Akira) but I was plesently surprised when it turned out to be quite the opposite. Mai plays and handles rather smoothly, as if she was actually part of the main roster itself. Some of her more advanced moves are tricky to pull off, but if you're able to do so, expect to be doing a lot of damage with her Combos.

She's also the only character on the DoA5LR roster with a projectile move (QCF + P) though you can't cheese with it unlike with Omega in Dimensions. Like with Kasumi in previous games, she's a character that's recommended for beginners, but if you manage to master her she can be quite deadly.

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