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Kamala Harris Is A Twisted Joker-like Charachter

The sheeple of America voted for an evil joker character to be the assistant of a mentally absent puppet who can't even climb the stairs to his jet.

This is your weekly reminder that voting for the lesser of two evils is ALSO voting for evil.

It does NOT matter if Clinton or Bush or Obama or Trump or Mickey Mouse is sitting at the White House, you idiots! America is a corporate oligarchy. It's the corporations that control this country, not the politicians. The politicians are just put there by the banking class to give the brainwashed voters the illusion of choice.

The United States was sold and paid for in 1913 when a Zionist central bank (the Federal Reserve) was established through an act of treason by Congress and a racist puppet president called Woodrow Wilson. Since then, ALL of America's politicians are beholden to the Zionist Rothschilds and their Israel. Since then, ALL of America's politicians are traitors to the American people. Since then, presidents are selected by the Jewish Rothschilds, NOT elected by the American people.

Before 1913, income tax was illegal, and America had a powerful Navy, roads, schools, railroads, and everything else. It's only thanks to the Jewish Rothschilds that Americans now have to pay suffocating income taxes. And the worst part about the income tax is the fact that it's completely unnecessary. It pays ONLY the interest on the borrowed money from private banks because the U.S. Treasury is not allowed to issue its own money.

Not even a penny of it goes to fund civic programs because it ALL goes to pay just the interest on the borrowed money from private bankers like the Rothschilds, the Rockefeller, and the Morgans.

And who are the Rothschilds? You know, the Jewish dynasty that founded Zionism and created Israel. They own almost EVERY central bank on this planet. For every misery and suffering, you can thank the Rothschilds for that.

ALL Governments are NEVER allowed to print their national currency but must ALWAYS borrow it from the Rothschilds plus interest. The Rothschilds counterfeit $100 bills at their central banks for 13 cents apiece, then loan the paper to the U.S. Government for the value printed on the paper plus interest! The U.S. Government then forces its citizens to pay income taxes at gunpoint through the IRS to pay the interest on the borrowed money that was originally counterfeited by the Rothschilds for 13 cents apiece.

It's the biggest theft in history, and it's been happening for over a century. And that's why poor countries will always remain poor since their governments are NEVER allowed to print their own money but must always borrow it from private banks as a loan with interest.

The system cannot be fixed by the system. THE SYSTEM IS THE PROBLEM.

Please stop watching TV and grow a brain. Please research what central banks and fiatmoney are and discover the truth about money because it's the banks who control the world and puppeteer all governments and corporations.

If you want the red pill, just research what the Federal Reserve is because once you figure out that it's an independent privately-owned bank, NOT part of the U.S. Treasury, everything else becomes clear.

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