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@Amazing Glory & Grace...

The False Prophet Rot Goes Deeper than Trump 18:57

This is the third video in a series exposing the most popular preachers in America for their false prophecies relating to the 2020 presidential election. The lies and self-righteousness of American evangelicalism go far deeper than Donald Trump.


We will show you in this video that the teachings of Jesus have been left out of American evangelicalism for many decades. In fact, they have been left out of every other version of American Christianity as well. The battle between Left and Right is more like a battle between Baal and Moloch than a battle between Good and Evil. Please, give Jesus us a chance to be heard in the midst of all the religious jargon.

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By DerJoker


By pacmanpacks

Even if you believe in some mainstream God that is created by the Royal elite behind all the secret lodges, he gave us free will and would never interfere in any election. Joe Biden and co. stole the election, he did not win by the ballot - but god had nothing to do with any of this what so ever !!! Trump who came up with "warp speed" and promoted a mRNA "vaccine" that have now killed or maimed MILLIONS of people and still brag about it on TV is not from God but Satan