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@Big Brother

Clown Trump Vs. Clown Biden. Who Will Win The Best Actor Award?

So after 244 years of existence, American democracy has only two white clowns to offer?

Do you seriously think that a nation of 330 MILLION American citizens could only found these two clowns to nominate for the presidency? Of course not.

Remember when we were children and grownups told us that professional wrestling isn't real and that it's all scripted theater but we wouldn't listen? Now we've become the grownups who tell immature grownups that politics isn't real and it's all scripted theater but they don't listen. They think it's real. They don't know that politicians are all paid actors for the Zionist bank.

They've been completely and irreversibly brainwashed thanks to the years they spent in indoctrination centers (schools in doublespeak) and countless hours of exposure to corporate media's powerful propaganda machinery.

Don't won't waste a single minute of your time trying to talk some sense into the few cubic centimeters of brain cells inside their thick heads.

They don't know that ALL politicians work for the same Zionist bank except for these three countries: Cuba, Iran, and Syria because they don't have a Zionist bank yet which is why the American/Zionist Empire is adamant about destroying them. Iraq did not have a Zionist central bank until it was invaded by the United States and destroyed in 2003. Libya did not have a Zionist central bank, and that's why it was invaded and destroyed in 2011. Iran does not have a Zionist central bank yet, which is why it will soon be invaded and destroyed either by the United States directly or by one of America's mercenary armies like ISIS and Al Qaeda.

But the idiots who vote still don't know that politics is just a theater. They don't know that they have owners, not representatives. They don't know whom the national debt is owed to. They don't know that all the money in the world is owed to central banking dynasties that include the Rothschilds (the Jewish dynasty that founded Zionism and created Israel), the Rockefellers (the banking dynasty that founded Big Oil, Big Pharma, and the world's education system), and the Morgans (the banking dynasty that controls all manufacturing).

They don't know that this banking class has the authority to counterfeit an infinite supply of money on demand and loan it to governments with interest. They still don't know that the Rothschilds counterfeit $100 bills for 13 cents apiece then loan the paper to the U.S. Government for the value printed on the paper plus interest! The U.S. Government then forces citizens to pay income taxes at gunpoint through the IRS to pay the interest on the borrowed money that was originally counterfeited by the Rothschilds for 13 cents apiece.

They don't know that the only purpose behind this biggest financial hoax in the history of humanity is slavery. They don't know that debt is slavery.

But most importantly, they don't know that by participating in the system and voting (regardless of whom they vote for), they're legitimizing this terrorist organization that they call government. By voting, they're legitimizing the thugs and terrorists that they call politicians.

And that's why I NEVER voted for a politician. I rather chop off my hand and eat it than to vote for one.

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