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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Showcase - Naotora Ii

A few versus mode matches with newcomer Naotora Ii, (yes, that's two i's - Fonts are stupid sometimes...) Released on the 17/03/2016 in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Bear in mind that this was pretty much the first time I've used the character outside of Command training. All the battles take place on the Azuchi stage which, like the Lorelei stage when Marie Rose was released in Ultimate, is a stage brought back from Dead or Alive 3 and was released at the same time.

Naotora is a crossover character from another of KoeiTecmo's popular franchases which recently celebrated it's 10th anniversary at the time of her release - the Samurai Warriors series - a series that I did playthroughs of back when I did YouTube stuff. Just like in that game series, Naotora uses her feet as deadly weapons. She also seems to apologise more than the world's clumsiest Canadian - Dunno if that was also a thing in the SW games, She wasn't in SW3, which is the futhest I've gotten with the series, and I haven't played SW4 outside of the Takeda storyline, where she wasn't present.

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