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What will a civil war be like in 2020 - Coordinated Disruption

So What will a civil war be like in 2020? Coordinated disruption will be the rule of the thumb for this civil war. Nobody really knows how this war will shake out, but based on the actions of the past year, its a safe bet anticipating the moves of the left. The larger cities will slowly become strongholds for the combatants, neither the police or local officials have the stomach for a protracted fight, nor do they have the resources to seriously maintain the 24/7 level of manning which would be required to maintain perimeters around the seized city blocks as well as provide standard policing during the daylight hours. Coordinated disruption will be the rule, not the exception during this building stage. In part one, we discuss how the armies swell and reinforce their positions, in part 2 we will discuss the further escalations over the coming months, and in part 3, we will bring it all together!

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