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@Zero Control

It is all in mind.

The connections to the past are written upon the land. Finding them and presenting them are a task that could take a lifetime to present , for the workings of the ancients are so beyond anything we could truly understand , because it is hidden from all. Most can not imagine such workings upon the land that helped shape it all.

The world in the past has been worked beyond belief. They did things we can not do now or accomplish to this day. It shall be known in time.

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By landbeforetime

The free world of thought has not even been battle yet, its coming..

By landbeforetime

I can not escape what I try to present , for it has burned a truth that shapes all my thoughts.

By landbeforetime

SO much to understand it can drive you nuts , which I consider I am not.. Just lost in it all till I find the answer.. Sharing it because it might connect in time and result in answers.