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Bliss (2021): Communism Is The Answer To Pollution And Poverty

Hollywood released a movie earlier this year called Bliss, and it's packed with NWO communist messaging. In this scene halfway through the film, the NWO puppets Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek explain the political messaging behind this movie.

Salma Hayek explains that the "pollution was to a degree that people would just drop dead on the street, and the level of poverty was insufferable." To that, Owen Wilson asked her what solved the problem of pollution. Salma Hayek answers, "three things: Automation, synthetic biology, and asteroid mining!"

Then she says, "Science saved the world!" 😂

She says synthetic biology (DNA-editing and GMO) fixed all environmental problems when the DNA of living things was altered and engineered to do whatever the mad scientists of the future want.

She says that asteroid harvesting brought "mountains of new money." And the owner of the asteroid-mining monopoly started giving free money to the masses in the form of a basic income of 500,000$ per year so no one will have to work again. Robots took over all jobs and rendered the working class obsolete. And that's how the paradise described in this movie came to fruition.

So, according to the asinine authors who wrote the low IQ script of this movie, the key to fixing the world is to simply let a giant corporation control and regulate all manufacturing while the masses sit back and take charity. It was the dirty working class that caused all pollution and destroyed the planet, not the corporations that these slaves worked for.

Once the dirty workers were replaced with metal robots, the world is saved, and no more pollution lol.

According to the movie, Communism is the answer to pollution and poverty.

Also, there's no mention in the movie whatsoever that the world's fiat money isn't backed by any reserve assets, which means that the banking class that controls the world can simply print the 500,000$ per year to every person on Earth today and bring that utopia described in the movie if they wanted to. But of course they'll never mention it because the brainless sheeple aren't supposed to know that the Federal Reserve is printing money limitlessly and giving it for free to Wall Street and large corporations (Trickle-down economics). The law of deception dictates that the sheep should only see the carrot while the stick is hiding out of sight.

And that's how the banking class control and shape the minds of the masses. One movie at a time, the sublime messaging embedded in their movies infiltrate the minds of the masses and manufacture consent.

Do you really want to know how we can build a utopia on Earth starting today? Simply abolish ALL banks and make ALL debt completely illegal, along with all financial speculation (aka gambling and stock exchanges). To all the God-fearing Christians who might be reading this caption, remember that the only time Jesus lost his cool and started flipping tables at the temple was against those Jews who were selling debt-based money to the masses and enslaving them with it. God hates debt and debt-based money.

God wants you to abolish debt-based money in favor of debt-free money that isn't issued by private central banks.

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