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Today I lay out some FACTS about the corona virus which lie in direct opposition to what you will hear on the news I also discuss where the New World Order masters are designing to take us and what you can do to resist their will.

I ask that you share this video with family, friends, and anyone who needs a Red Pill in their life. Thank you! -nachodon

For all my other bittube.video channels i sometimes mention in these vids you guys have to get over to bittube.video. Here is a link to my other 4 channels there: https://bittube.video/accounts/nacho/video-channels

Make and account there and get fully decentralized. I post up there a lot more than here. I have 4 channels there so sub them all or individually: nachodon live, modern speculator, The Way, coronahoax channel

***Please also check out / and SHARE the great work of Jame Corbett of the Corbett report regarding the Corona World Order. You can find his work and podcasts here: https://www.corbettreport.com/

He also has a youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB00mLArYBQ

I can't recommend his work enough.

#coronavirus #nwo #billgates #covid19 #coronahoax

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By therealLuckyman

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By shanedk

I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.01 USD)

By cryptoramble


By nachodon

@reconquista61 i got it from the teaching of Jesus Christ who said not only that we should not kill... BUT more stringently that we need to LOVE our enemies (and even turn the other cheek). This is the most CLEAR but yet IGNORED command of Jesus Christ imo. You have to do a lot of mental and linguistic gymnastics to wriggle your way out of these very clear commands. You say IF - but by saying IF WE DIDN"T KILL THEM THEY WOULD KILL US is to bring God down to YOUR simple level of thinking and act as if he has no power to stop these same Muslims by some other means than your own partaking in shedding blood. I can go on an on about this and maybe will do a video on it very soon -- most my videos are covered now under 4 channels here: https://bittube.video/accounts/nacho/video-channels 4 channels there currently including one Christian one called THE WAY. PS: eugenics have been attempting to decimate africa for years with their vaccine programs and other evil policies such as contraception education and the like. YES i think contraception is evil as it interferes with God's plan for ongoing life and babies are ONLY referred to as a blessing in the scriptures - but that's a whole other story now isn't it?

By Reconquista61

Alot of good points, but where the hell did you get the idea Christians should not go war. If you knew the Islamic -christian conflict from 600ad you would know that we would be under their rule at this moment if we did not fight. Also Eugenics could not have been behind the latest outbreak as Africa has been left out relatively unscathed.

By TrumanShowNews

Great work, thank's for spreading the truth.

By NervaCurrency

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By nachodon

@phusionphil sounds like that time of the month for you-- or let me guess, you just crawled out of the sleeping bag on the floor of your kibbutz. Either way you're a #FAIL triggered by truth like most bottom feeding goverment tit sucking fails. Gtfo before i boot your sorry little sac out

By PhusionPhil

after referring us to twitter i am going to block you to save myself the headache

By PhusionPhil

wow the 999,999,999,999th person to copy and paste, repeat the same dialogue, I am not sure whats worse MSM or Independant media that has uses virtue signalling to spam content across the internet with a bunch of unprofessional bias uneducated perspectives about sciences they have not studied.

If we aren't going to share, cant watch the video? not logical

Spends the first minute rambling

talks about 201... refers us to youtube

"There is no real journalism" this included?