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@Truth over traditions

Is He Asking Too Much?

Three questions about what Jesus asks. #Faith #Obedience

We look at three of the common and logical questions that spring to mind when we hear that Jesus asked his followers to stop working for money, forsake everything they own, and go into all the world to preach the gospel.

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By KnockToOpen

He is God so we shouldn't try to haggle with Him - thanks for the video

By TruthSeekersCollective

Jesus never asked too much. We just think it is!

By Barry.J.Pintu

It just makes so much sense, to do the things that Jesus asked us to do. Like stop working for money. The point is if we stop workign for money, then we are free to work for God, and loving God and others. About our family. Well, Jesus said we must love Him more than our family. It's as simple as that. About how will God support us? Well after all, He is God, it's His job to look after us. He will do it, because He is God.

By Boyd6474

I don't think Jesus is asking to much. It really is the only cure for the worlds problems. People can accept it now and try to help, or find out the hard way later.