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Disqus Is Closing Down The Comments Sections On My BitChute Videos

Apologist Justin Derby responds to Disqus' decision to start closing down the comment sections on virtually every video that Justin has posted to his BitChute channel. Disqus appears to only be closing down comments sections for videos that are older than one month, and that cover controversial content such as alt tech, tech censorship, Trump, atheism, and young earth creationism. BitChute needs to dump Disqus, and replace it with an open-source comment sections that they control.



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By djxtreme

I am staying with BitTube , and rebuilding my channel . another great show . thanks DJ.XS 💥💥💥

By djxtreme

Well TTOR .. it was a matter of time , I gave it the old try and YouTube finally terminated my channel , I know should have never even gave it a try , oh well ... anyway hear is what is going on with some google login accounts I can not login , they are shutting down my access , do I care , no .. I am working fast to get accounts changed over , and when I do , I will no longer have a Google account.

BitChute did not work out for me I get more views using BitTube.Tv ,

By VonHelton

I was the first (AFAIK) to not use Discuss messages. I knew having another service would lead to trouble & here we are. I wish people would pay attention to what I say & do. It'll save alot of aggravation later on.

By WilyWyvernMetalDragonProductions

Not a surprise, it's about wumping time for them to create a replacement for their comments.

By WilyWyvernMetalDragonProductions

The use of k1k3 seems to be too far, but nothing worth censoring over.