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Dr. Debbie Stanford-Kristiansen: Leadership with Purpose | Anything is Possible with Patrick Tsang

Vice President for Global Sales from 2001 until 2005. In 2005, Debbie joined Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre and earned Chief Executive Officer's post. Her career began as an Organising Executive for EIBTM; a MICE business tourism exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, at 21.

00:00​ Start

01:39​ Covid-19 Pandemic

03:16​ Advice for the younger audience

05:32​ Why learning is important

05:49​ Early childhood in the UK

07:43​ Expectations from parents

9:54​ Early career working overseas and in Bahrain

12:11​ Importance of traveling for young people

13:31​ Don’t live with regret

14:57​ CEO of Novo Cinemas

19:51​ Importance of teamwork

22:37​ Breaking the glass ceiling in the Middle East

25:08​ Leadership in the Middle East and supporting women

26:35​ International exposure

28:48​ Most significant challenge

32:21​ Winning Mentality

32:40​ Book/movie recommendations

33:33​ Principles and ethics

25:09​ Religion and spirituality

36:08​ Role model

37:49​ Luck

38:37​ Definition of Success

39:46​ Life Ethos

40:46​ Legacy

42:20​ Next thing for Debbie

44:10​ #1 advice

Find out more about Dr Debbie Stanford-Kristiansen:



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