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The Sign of The Son of Man Revealed

A mystery that has long been hidden is the sign of the Son of Man referenced in Matthew 24:30. I have often asked myself what this sign is. I prayed on it and pondered it for many years and never got a revelation. Then one day I started looking some of the words up in the Strong's Concordance and it sent me on a wild exploration journey. I began to see all of these connections with Rainbows, Clouds, Trumpets and Jesus being the Light of the world. The word "sign" in the book of Matthew is derived from the Greek word that means Token.

That's when my search got very interesting because in the Book of Genesis chapter 9 the story of Noah coming off the ark has God painting a masterpiece Rainbow in the sky that he called a Token. This was the confirmation I have been looking for. Then I saw that the Rainbow was also referenced in the Book of Revelation and is around the throne of God. I go through a pretty detailed Bible study in this video where I outline what I believe is hard evidence to prove my case. Based on the fact that I have seen so many Rainbows repeatedly leads me to a confirmation in my spirit that I have accurately solved this mystery. I hope you enjoy this video. Please like our video and subscribe to our channel.  

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