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Anser&Questions at Shah Fasil Astana Karchi 1998.

Spiritual Awearness

 Methods of producing light in your Heart

1.The first method for producing light.

Write Allah on a paper in black ink,

and do this exercise for as long as 

you wish on a daily basis.

Soon thereafter, the Word Allah will

be transported from the paper

and hover over the eyes. Then with 

one-pointed concentration,

attempt to transport the word from

the eyes to the heart.

2.The second method for producing light.

Write Allah on a zero watt bulb,

in yellow. Whilst you are awake or

just before sleep, concentrate and

try to absorb it into the eyes.

When it appears on the eyes then 

try to transport it to the heart.

3.The third method for producing light.

This method is for those people who

have perfect spiritual guides and 

teachers and who due to their spiritual

connection are spiritually assisted by them.

 When you have performed your prayers engage in the remembrance of Allah SWT whilst standing sitting and whilst tossing on your sides. For more detail visit www.goharshahi.org or visit asipk.com and for videos visit HH rags

(Surah Nisaa-103) For more detail visit www.goharshahi.org or visit asipak.com and for videos visit HH rags or ASI PAK.or solidtrust5 or visit https//www.facebook.com/SarFrosh.official/

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