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Nutrigo Lab Regeneration Review | Is Nutrigo Lab Regeneration safe for health?

Official website : https://nplink.net/nm7h233o

Other supplements: https://nutri.getbiew.com/

What Nutrigo Lab Regeneration really is?.

This is a complex, multi-component food supplement specially designed to help you recuperate and regenerate after heavy workouts. It contains both PeptoPro® hydrolysate and Optipep® protein hydrolysate which help generation and maintenance of muscle cells in your body. It helps you recover fast after the workouts and reduces soreness in your muscles. Due to the fact that it contains BCAA amino acids, it reduces catabolism as well!

What will you get by using Nutrigo Lab Regeneration?

💪Increase in muscle protein generation.

💪Enhanced post-workout regeneration.

💪Reduced muscle pain after workouts.

💪Fast retrieval of lost energy.

How it really works?

Thanks to a high concentration of active ingredients (around 90%), this food supplement allows you to counter the negative effects of hard workouts with ease!

Why should you use Nutrigo Lab Regeneration?

Heavy workouts leave a heavy toll on your body. You should do whatever you can to recuperate quickly and give your body a chance to get ready for the next workout as quickly as possible!

This food supplement does exactly that by adding active substances that affect the problem directly! It helps you counter all the negative effects of the workouts, including energy depletion, soreness, and muscle stress. It is an ideal solution for both professional athletes and amateurs, as regeneration and recuperation are equally important for both groups.

What each serving of Nutrigo Lab Regeneration contains?.

5000 mg Opripep.

5000 mg PeptoPro.

4000 mg BCAA.

1000 mg Citrulline malate.

1000 mg AAKG 2:1.

*One package (600 g) is enough for 30 servings.



DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Dissolve one portion of the product – 20 g (2 scoops) in 200 ml of water. Take 1 serving daily; directly after your workout.

INGREDIENTS: Optipep® whey protein isolate hydrolysate (from milk); PeptoPro® casein hydrolysate (from milk); L-leucine; L-glutamine; L-valine; L- isoleucine; citrulline malate 2:1; L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG 2:1); acidity regulator – citric acid; strawberry flavor; thickener – xanthan gum; thickener – guar gum; maltodextrin; sweetener – sucralose; color – cochineal red; sweetener – steviol glycosides; black pepper extract (Piper nigrum) [95% piperine].

CAUTION: Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Do not take as a substitute for a varied balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating mothers. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

ALLERGY WARNING: This product contains whey protein hydrolysate and casein hydrolysate derived from milk.

STORAGE: Keep out of direct sunlight in a cool and dry place. Keep out of sight and reach of


BEST BEFORE END/BATCH NUMBER: See the upper part of packaging above the label.

MANUFACTURING: Manufactured in European Union exclusively for Natural Labs LLC, 501 Silverside Rd, Ste 105, Wilmington, DE 19809 USA. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: European Union.



What Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is?


This is a food supplement specially created for athletes who go through heavy workout routines that require endurance and stamina. It helps recover after heavy workouts and affects the muscle tissue directly, bypassing metabolic processes along the way. It makes it a superefficient for the task at hand!

How long do I have to use it to see the results?

It depends on your diet, workout routine, and intensity, but you should notice the effects after each workout.

Is Nutrigo Lab Regeneration safe for health?

Yes. There are no known side effects.


One Nutrigo Lab Regeneration contains 30 servings per 20 g (two scoops.

How long shipping takes?

48 hours

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