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  1. To the best of my knowledge, no other POW (proof of work, like bitcoin) crypto currency has ever started off by trying to create a more equitable distribution of it's newly minted (mined) coin supply. #Tube is available to everyone who participates not only miners with expensive hardware
  2. Tube is attempting to build its own strong use cases from the start. Bittubers is a good example of this. Most cryptos' say "use us because we are better money". But very limited places to spend.
  3. At a time most crypto projects are losing interest and community, #BitTubers is growing by average of 120 users per day, in dead bear market. #bullish
  4. #Tube has a great potential to catch fire in an actual bull market due to above

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By divyendu58

Thanks for your analysis. I agree Tube has great potential.

By Nicu

@nachodon, duuude I was not expecting such long answer :). What I'm saying is that I dont think the maximum oportunity to buy #tube is now. Once the emission will start decresing and scarcity apears then I will go all in.

By nachodon

ALSO REMEMBER: EVERY SINGLE NEW USER of Bittubers is a potential future BUYER of $Tube. So far about 11,000 of us. Growing at 100+ per day in the most frosty bear market conditions. Think about that. These are customers. Let's encourage them to convert some $$ to Tube and not run them off on some bull shit 'inflationairy' FUD

By nachodon

@voidberg345634 Exactly! And any short term pain here will be a longer term gain if this plays out well. By playing out well I'm referring to continued funding and development of the project and smart development--- all of which, so far, Bittube seems to have covered under the leadership of @smaram. The inflation argument is the argument of a child who has little understanding of the world beyond their own nose.

By voidberg345634

That is very right. Few people get this, TUBE is the only coin which has solved the problem of fair distribution. Airtime is like an uncheatable faucet. Its an immense success for crypto, yet crypto community has not recognized it

By nachodon

@nicu .. (cont) But if I WE are constantly doing this to our own little project we claim ... To value and want to succeed - a project searching for its own footing in the marketplace and for support — we are only shooting the project (and possibly ourselves) in the foot. What we need are more vocal supporters for tube the coin — based on the use cases being built. We need to make tube great and build it up. Not tear it down every time we see a price dip. Frankly I'm sick of this childish argument.

By nachodon

(cont) ...I’d also argue that people who are constantly bitching about inflationary effects on the coin are the ones who are dragging the price of the coin down even more than the actual inflation is!! They are doing this by scaring away buyers of the coin. In a coin with this little liquidity the influence of every negative post and illogical argument has more effect. I can have 500,000 crypto loving youtube followers and shout out for 3 straight months that BITCOIN sucks! And I will have no measurable effect on price. 

By nachodon

@nicu (cont) Once it becomes widely appreciated in our own little BitTube world (which is growing each day btw even in this dark bear market as other alt coin markets shrink) then it also has a chance of spilling into use cases for the larger economy outside of tube. Is this all a longshot: yes  It’s rank is 731 on coinmarketcap. We are barely in the top 1000. But is it possible based on what is being developed? Yes. I think it is.

By nachodon

@nicu (cont) .. This is what I really like about tube - more than being mined and sold to the crypto community as the greatest new coin since sliced bread ... its entire sales proposition rather lies in the fairness (and competitiveness) of its distribution to MANY — and the use cases being built around the coin: rewards, tubepay, exchange, donations, unique social platform. Instead of so many people bitching about inflation what we need are people committed to making tube great in this niche market and use cases.

By nachodon

@nicu (cont) Blaming inflation for the tube price is sort of a red herring imo. It’s an argument that draws attention away from the real issue plaguing crypto: lack of USERS. Also more properly broken down: value created through use, velocity of money, scarcity, fungibility.  Even a fully mined tube at 1 billion coins is very scarce. Will the price automatically soar if no more are being mined?? Not if it’s not being used!! (Or achieve some kind of stupid “Hodl” Jedi mind trick). With BitTubers we have a great usecase for the coin - a platform to introduce potentially millions of new people to a new cryptocurrency. What other currency is doing this?